How It Works – Clients

Nease Personnel connects employers with our extensive network of top candidates in the area representing more than 25 years of successful placements and countless referrals.

Nease Personnel assists clients by streamlining the hiring process. The cost and the amount of time needed to advertise positions and screen applicants can add up quickly. Our experienced staff takes the lead to do the initial work related to posting positions on key job boards, reviewing resumes, and conducting professional and thorough screenings of potential candidates.

In addition to our network of candidates, Nease Personnel utilizes applicant tracking and recruiting software and web-based resources designed to maximize the benefits of our services provided to clients. With Nease Personnel, employers are also able to review candidates with ease and provide instant feedback.  This provides the ability to secure interviews with top talent quickly and meet the needs of our clients in making the best hire.

Our recruiting team’s commitment and expertise is unmatched by other area staffing agencies. The Nease Personnel staff represents more than 75 years of combined experience in human resources and recruiting. Our team also includes staffing consultants and professionals nationally certified through the National Association of Personnel Services and the American Staffing Association.

Nease Personnel knows how important each staffing decision is for your company. Let us put our team and staffing resources to work for you!

Why Choose Nease?

  • Our extensive database is constantly updated and maintained to ensure the availability of top quality employees.
  • Criminal background and reference checks are mandatory. We also offer drug screens (6 or 10 panel), credit checks, and academic verification of employees.
  • All of our candidates are screened by an experienced staff member during our mandatory one-on-one interview process.
  • Our recruiters conduct regular quality control checks with both employees and employers after a placement is made as part of our commitment to ensure that employee work performance meets expectations.
  • Our on-site interviewing facilities are available at no cost for use by clients during the hiring process to maintain confidentiality and streamline interviews.
  • As an added benefit, our staff makes all offers of employment and conducts any terminations after consultation with the appropriate decision maker of your company.

How It Works

  • There is no initial cost to submit a job request. Recruiting fees are due only if a candidate presented by Nease Personnel is hired and a successful placement is made for your company.
  • Our staff will screen applicants from a large pool down to the most qualified individuals based on your job description, company environment and specifications.  Nease recruiters will also schedule interviews and post-interview follow-ups providing valuable feedback and guidance during the hiring process.
  • Costs related to weekly payroll processing, workers compensation, unemployment, FICA, and issuing W2s are managed by Nease Personnel.
  • Nease Personnel covers all costs associated with advertising and posting positions on area job boards.
  • We recruit anonymously and ensure that our clients don’t receive any unexpected phone calls or drop-ins.
  • We will partner with you to determine fair and competitive wages for employees.
  • Weekly timecards are submitted by the employee and approved by the authorized supervisor electronically through our secure web portal.
  • Employees of Nease Personnel are paid weekly. For your convenience, you will also receive weekly invoices including copies of timecards electronically.
  • The minimum workday for a Nease Personnel Employee is four hours per day. This policy helps us maintain the highest quality employees available.